weekend update- 1-3-10

so it's been a little while since i've posted anything on here. i cooked a lot over the holidays, but i guess a bit too distracted/busy to get any of it on here. i came into a good bit of applewood for the smoker, and also got new cookbooks, kitchen appliances and tools to play with. i must say i felt a bit domesticated asking for an immersion blender for christmas.
i made about 30 lbs of apple smoked pecans, cashews and almonds for holiday gifts, but haven't managed to candy anything other than the pecans. they were very good, used some bourbon vanilla sugar from the colonel at findlay, that flavor complimented the apple smokiness very well. sorry for the poor photo quality, but it's better than nothin.

i smoked a pork shoulder for an encore pizza night that turned out really well. my bbq pork recipe is always changing, i used an apple cider vinegar and apple butter baste which gave it a really tasty crust. i put this baby on during sub-freezing conditions after work and dashed off to my work's christmas party. i'm pretty sure i smelled like a campfire. took it off the smoker at 2:30 am and served it the next night on some pizza with goat cheese, caramelized onions and arugula salad.


and then there were the fish tacos, truffle night, little bro's birthday dinner at the precinct, signing up for cooking classes at cincinnati state, slow food event at uc and some dinner parties thrown in for good measure. hopefully i'll post about some of those.
i realized after the first sausage post that i don't like writing out the whole recipe and process. i'll save that for the mythical cookbook i plan to write! this should help promote a few more posts on here too, and i'll work on getting some higher quality photos. but one thing is for sure, pork/meat hands and photo cameras don't mix.
on the plate for tonight- a friend received a fair bit of venison and i get to decide what to do with 8 backstrap steaks and one tenderloin. of course i'm gonna hit up ruhlman's charcuterie for some inspiration. probably going to roast the tenderloin and pan-sear the backstrap. now i just have to figure out what the hell to serve with it. and oh yeah, happy new year! here's to creating a connection with our food in 2010. ok, time to get to work

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